WoodSong Farm

Bassett, VA

Kristen McCann
Email: jnkmccann@yahoo.com
Website: www.farmingatWoodSong.com
Facebook: WoodSong Farm

Natural and Heritage fiber and animals. Focusing on Finnsheep and Old Time Scotch Collies. Disease tested all around quality breeding stock with fine fleeces. Yarn, roving, and other wool products from our own sheep. Using natural care methods and dyeing to organic standards. We also raise family first shepherding dogs that are intuitive, versatile, can work or just follow the family rhythm. Family owned and operated and thoughtfully and lovingly cared for.
Finnsheep wool is highly sought after by handspinners for its lovely hand and next-to-skin softness with a bloom, but lack of pilling. The wool comes in many natural colors and has a natural drape and sheen. These are our friendly sheep of choice and often lamb in litters! Finnwool is very easy to felt with and is often sought for this very purpose. We appreciate all the wonderful qualities of our sheep wool in the products that we offer. We hand dye here on our farm and sell locally, at festivals, and online.