Native Spun

Burlington, NC

Gina B. Wicker

Instagram: @nativespun
Facebook: @nativespun

Native Spun is a female‐owned small business producing bespoke handwoven textiles. Our story began in 2019 when our founder, Gina Wicker, purchased vintage weaving equipment from a mill closure in the Midwest and moved it to North Carolina. The repurposing of equipment and materials is part of an overall sustainability and reuse story that is the foundation of Native Spun.

We’ve assembled a team of artisans with a love of textiles and an innate understanding of small-batch production. Each new throw or pillow design comes from a place of intention and heritage. Our weaving process allows us to produce one-of-a-kind throws utilizing yarns available in small amounts that would be discarded by a larger mill.

Each Native Spun collection is an artfully designed family of products created with a small batch mentality. We repurpose yarns available in limited quantities, using our textile design experience to analyze them and optimize their use, resulting in stunning textiles made with minimal waste. Whether we are designing textiles using yarns from a mill closure or working with a local fiber farmer to keep their yarns separate by animal – think alpaca fiber in deep Moonpie browns and dusty Tinkerbell greys – we weave exceptional pieces destined to be cherished and passed to the next generation.

We believe every space is a sanctuary providing respite from an all-too-busy world, and its inhabitants deserve the comfort of artful textiles handwoven with love, intention, and authenticity.