Kelly Wove It

Durham, NC

Kelly Walsh
Instagram: @kellywoveit

Kelly Walsh worked as a web developer for years before deciding to leave the tech industry to follow her textile artist dreams. She loves exploring the intersections between technology and art, math and color. When she’s not wandering the labyrinth of running a small business, Kelly is working on her Master Weaver certification by Olds College, and is also working to grow her local weaving community as the secretary of the Triangle Weavers Guild.

In addition to being beautiful and locally made, Kelly’s handwoven scarves and shawls often include a surprising modern twist. Whether they incorporate the visual pattern of a sound wave, or are hiding secret message in morse code, Kelly’s favorite pieces are meant for people who appreciate the unexpected. Her most popular line of scarves include a unique feature, and they really shine! These special reflective scarves use the same material and technology as jogging clothes or safety gear, and seem to “light up” when they reflect direct light. Whether in the headlights of a car at night, or in the flash of a camera at a party – these scarves definitely make sure you’ll be seen. Kelly also weaves wall hangings, curtain panels, sews apparel, and is always open to special commissions and collaborations.