Hidden Spring Farm Leicester Longwools

Snow Camp, NC

website: https://www.hiddenspringfarmleicesterlongwools.com/
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HSFarmLeicesterLongwools

Welcome to Hidden Spring Farm! Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina we raise Leicester Longwools, the beautiful heritage breed of sheep. We are the first North Carolina breeders of registered Leicester Longwool sheep. This critically endangered, dual purpose breed grows the lustrous, long and curly wool prized by handspinners. The Livestock Conservancy says this about the Leicester Longwool: “The Leicester Longwool is one of the “luster longwool” breeds, so designated for the sheen and brilliance of their wool. The sheep appear to shine just after shearing, when the clean wool next to their skin catches the sunlight and makes them glisten for a few days before the dust and dirt of their environment catches up to them and the glow is hidden for another year. The Leicester Longwool has been of great historic and genetic value, having a part in the founding or improving of many other breeds, including the Border Leicester and the Corriedale. While distinguished by its past, this breed’s future is far from secure, and it is a conservation priority.” The gorgeous Leicester Longwool locks take dye beautifully, and the roving shimmers in the light. I either handspin the dyed or natural colored wool on my spinning wheel or send it to a family run woolen mill in VA. The wool makes a strong, lustrous yarn suitable for outerwear such as sweaters, vests, hats and scarves. I also make other products from the lustrous wool of my Leicester Longwool sheep. Besides handspun yarn my crafts include: hand felted hats and scarves; eco-friendly, natural wool dryer balls; bird nesting balls; handmade and hand felted soap; hand felted holiday ornaments; and hand dyed wool locks.