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Kernersville, NC

Laura C Frazier
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Suffolk Sheep are widely raised in the Southeast for meat, but the shepherds aren’t able market their wool profitably. I partner with 6 shepherds and 3 shearers in NC & VA to gather Suffolk Sheep wool on the farms during shearing paying a fair price. I hand select each fleece for its length and quality. At home, I carefully skirt each fleece to remove poop, debris and short fibers. The wool from our sheep is added and I ship it to a family owned fiber mill in Michigan to be washed and spun into sock yarn. The yarn is shipped to a smaill family mill in, Minnesota where it is knit on antique machines into elegant, durable socks that keep your feet warm and dry in cooler months, cool and dry in warmer months and odor free. No chemical treatments are used, so these socks are naturally shrink resistant. In addition some of this wool is processed into batts for needle felting at a family mill in Tennessee.