Apex, NC

Cynthia Mollenkopf

Handmade Felt Artworks & Wearables, Workshops & Demonstrations.

Felt Making is the process of compressing fibers into a non-woven fabric. Objects and art may be created during the felting process or by using the flat felted fabric as the medium. Wet Felting requires water, soap, rubbing, and rolling. Dry Felting requires specialized barbed needles to compress the fibers. These processes are often combined during production. Common fibers used for felting include: sheep’s wool, mohair, angora, alpaca, llama. Non-felting fibers like silk and cotton may be embedded during the felting process.

Cynthia Mollenkopf of ARTiFELTs creates her items primarily with the wet felting technique, occasionally using needle felting to layout or embellish. Cynthia teaches classes on feltmaking in topics including the Basics of Feltmaking, Pencil Roving or Nuno Scarves, 2D resist method for creating Berets, Purses, or Hats. Cynthia enjoys any opportunity to demonstrate or teach felting as she believes creating public awareness of the felting process and sharing the potential of this medium are ongoing opportunities.