Visit to Twin Birch & Teasel + Natural Dyes + Meeting

Twin Birch & Teasel 135 N. Chatham Ave., Siler City, NC, United States

Sue Szary of Twin Birch & Teasel (fiber store and fiber arts haven) has organized an amazing day of fiber activities for us in Siler City! We’ll meet with members of a local fiber guild for “Dyeing to know,” experiments with natural dyes, tour artist studios, and have a potluck lunch and meeting at Peppercorn […]

Intro to Natural Dyes (Virtual)


If you've ever wanted to learn how natural dyeing works, this workshop is for you! This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of natural dyeing: equipment, dye materials, processes, preparing and mordanting different fibers, and responsible foraging. Participants will also learn about resources for learning more and acquiring materials. At the end of this […]


Natural Dyeing with Kitchen Waste (Virtual)


Learn how to naturally dye fibers and textiles with common kitchen waste materials! Materials such as onion skins and avocado pits are inexpensive, non-toxic, locally-available sources of dye that have the added benefit of reducing food waste. In this hands-on virtual workshop, participants will learn how to make dye baths from yellow onion skins and […]

$25 – $35

Grow Your Dye Garden (Virtual)

This workshop is dedicated to the dye plants that can be cultivated in our region. We will talk about historical uses of these dyes and discuss what you need to know about planting and maintaining your color garden. When do you plant, how far do you space the plants, how much to plant, what parts of the plant give dye, etc.


Eco-Printing and Solar Dyeing with Backyard Plants

Greensboro Project Space 111 East February 1 Place, Greensboro, NC 27406, Greensboro, NC, US

In this natural dye workshop, you'll create a one-of-a-kind scarf using plants, jars, sunshine, and rusty cans.Learn how to use backyard garden cuttings to make surface patterns on fabric in two different processes. Use your foraged flowers with two different shibori methods to explore color patterns from plant based materials. No experience with natural dyeing […]

Fiber Craft Workshop: Intro to Indigo Dyeing

Leigh Farm Park 370 Leigh Farm Rd, Durham, NC, United States

Have you ever wanted to learn a fiber arts craft, but didn’t know which you would enjoy? Now is your chance to explore different skills. DPR’s Cultural Heritage team is partnering with Piedmont Fibershed to lead a series of fiber-arts focused workshops. In this workshop, you’ll learn to dye fabric with indigo using an organic […]

$12 – $17

Cultivating a Dye Garden in the Carolina Piedmont

309 Southridge Rd 309 Southridge Road, Jamestown, NC 27282, Jamestown, NC, US

Learn how to cultivate a dye garden that thrives in the Carolina Piedmont (including central North Carolina) in this hands-on workshop. In this workshop, you will learn how to cultivate a dye garden that thrives in the Carolina Piedmont. From sourcing and starting seeds through tending plants and harvesting, this workshop will equip you to […]