Piedmont Fibershed is a community organization dedicated to building a regional fiber system in the Piedmont of North Carolina centered around local fibers, local dyes, and local labor. The Piedmont Fibershed encompasses the area roughly within a 200 mile radius of Durham, North Carolina. We seek to support and develop a regional fiber economy that benefits the environment, workers, and the local economy.

What is a Fibershed?

A fibershed is a natural textile resource base that uses the region as its guiding force in sourcing and making available fiber, textile, and dye products. We’re so invested in locally sourcing our food. What about our clothes?

Our origins

Piedmont Fibershed is an affiliate of Fibershed, a nonprofit based in California. Fibershed describes their affiliate program thusly:

We envision the emergence of an international system of regional textile communities that enliven connection and ownership of ‘soil-to-soil’ textile processes. These diverse textile cultures are designed to build soil carbon stocks on the working landscapes on which they depend, while directly enhancing the strength of regional economies. Both fiber and food systems now face a drastically changing climate, and must utilize the best of time-honored knowledge and available science for their long-term ability to thrive.

Piedmont Fibershed was started by Diana Cathcart, a Durham textile artist and educator, in 2015. After a short hiatus, Piedmont Fibershed became active under a new organizer, Courtney Lockemer. We are currently working on two projects to set the foundation of future Fibershed work: a project to document local small-scale producers and assess needs and an art exhibit about the how the nascent North Carolina hemp industry can help support resilient communities.

In the coming months, we hope to build a community of individuals involved in and supporting the mission of the Fibershed. Join us!

Who we are

Courtney Lockemer
Organizer, Piedmont Fibershed

Courtney Lockemer is an artist and designer who works in fashion, textiles, photography, video, and performance. She is the founder and creative lead of Sunday Shift, a line of clothing and accessories designed and handmade in Durham, North Carolina from sustainable textiles, low-impact dyes, and vintage materials. Courtney is particularly interested in using locally-available materials, both reclaimed and locally grown/produced. She is in the process of creating a natural dye garden at her home in Durham.