Piedmont Fibershed Is Getting Organized!

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Piedmont Fibershed held its first public meeting less than a year ago. In that short time, we’ve hosted six meetups in four different counties, grown our email list to over 100 members, gained over 100 Facebook followers, launched a website and Instagram profile, and brought together some really amazing people passionate about local fiber.

Now, we’re ready to get organized. Here are the steps we’ll be pursuing in the coming months to create a structure and strategy for Piedmont Fibershed.

  • Create a board to oversee operations. We’ll define leadership positions we need to manage the ongoing operations of Piedmont Fibershed. This isn’t (at this point) the same thing as a board of directors, but rather a structure of functional positions.
  • Establish committees to work on programming around specific areas of interest.
  • Create a business plan and identify expenses and sources of income.
  • Open an organization bank account so we can manage money (we’re looking at a couple different options for this right now).
  • Collaboratively identify a shared vision for Piedmont Fibershed that will help us decide what programs we should pursue and how to focus our efforts.
  • Research legal business structure options that could work for our organization in the short and long term (including 501(c)(3) status and alternatives).

If that seems like a lot, that’s because it is. However, the groundswell of support and enthusiasm I’ve seen from our region’s fiber community makes me confident we can do it.

Next, we’ll be organizing meetings to establish board positions and committees. Sign up for our email list to get updates about meetings and locations. We’re also looking for free meeting spaces, preferably with chairs for 15-20 people, a whiteboard, and good wifi. If you know of such a space, contact us.

3 thoughts on “Piedmont Fibershed Is Getting Organized!

  1. Good morning,
    I am an agricultural education teacher in Dudley, NC who is raising Icelandic sheep with my students so they can learn about fibers and processing them into salable products. Our program is in its infancy with big plans. Currently we have three fleeces that need to be washed, carded and dyed which is where we need some help. We have a grant to pay for the drum carders, spinners and dyes but not the connections with quality equipment providers.
    Could you provide a list of vendors you have worked with so we can make progress in this endeavor? Also, anyone who would like to come speak to my classes about the industry is welcome anytime and I would love to coordinate a time for a representative to come.
    Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Wow, that’s fantastic! We’d love to help you out. Here are a couple places to start for advice on quality machines:

      Alesia Moore of Shepherd’s Gate Fiber Mill – http://www.shepherdsgatefibermill.com/
      Twin Birch & Teasel – They might not sell the equipment you’re seeking, but they might be able to offer recommendations – http://www.twinbirchproducts.com/schools-and-handcraft-programs/
      Earth Guild (Asheville, NC) – Another fiber art/craft supplier that sells various combs, carders, and wheels – https://www.earthguild.com/
      Triangle Weaver’s Guild – An organization with an amazing collective knowledge -https://www.triangleweavers.org/

      I’ll also ask our Piedmont Fibershed community if they have recommendations. Send your email address to info@piedmontfibershed.org, and we’ll get back to you soon.

    2. Here are some more recommendations from a member of our community:

      I recommend strauch drumcarders. They are durable and it is a local company that can provide service and instruction. They were one of the vendors for the Carolina Fiberfest which as you know had to be canceled so it would be nice for them to get some online business. I have owned a strauch drumcarder for about 20 years. Vendors at the Carolina Fiberfest also supply spinning wheels. Different folks prefer different wheels. Many brands are good. I like Schacht which is US made in Colorado I think. They have excellent customer service. I have had a schacht wheel for about 25 years and have other wheels but still love it Lendrum wheels are also versatile wheels and are made in Canada
      Strauch Fiber Equipment
      Mike Gallagher
      Hickory, NC

      Earth Guild in Asheville is a dealer for for Schacht Lendrum and some other wheel makers

      I notice one of the vendors has a program called tools for schools but I don’t know what they offer
      Twin Birch Products/Person to Person Art
      Sue Szary/Linda Person
      Siler City, NC
      The tail spinner who was a CFF vendor sells spinning wheels

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